Wow! Expectations on wedding guests are getting higher and higher! I’ve gone online this morning and read about the Canadian bride who has cancelled her wedding after her guests refused to contribute $1,200 each to HER wedding…

So, when did being a wedding guest become so technical, when were expectations put on guests, and is it even acceptable to not bow down to the demands of these diva brides and grooms?!

Wedding planning can turn even the most laid back of ladies into crazed women… AKA The Bridezilla, so we’d like to take a look at realistic expectations from a wedding guest as a hint to the brides when they are going over the top, whilst also helping guests out in the meantime…

The hen & Stag do:


Long gone are the days when it’s acceptable for brides to have a hen do in the local town with her group of hens, likewise for stags, it’s now becoming more common place for spa weekends and trips abroad, the popular destinations in 2018 are (stags: Las Vegas) (Hens: Croatia) this is all well and good but it does fair rack up the prices for wedding guests, some of whom just cannot afford to keep up with the hundreds of pounds required (before the outfit and the gift!)

Celebratory meals:

Even before the hen and stag do’s there’s the possibility of an engagement party (and the present that goes along with that and the new outfits and the evening itself) but there’s also celebratory drinks and meals to celebrate the bride to be’s engagement, we all want to hear the engagement story, see the ring etc. and that is where it all begins (you can be looking at about £50 just on this occasion!)

A new outfit:

It’s standard to invest in a new frock for a wedding, then there’s the fascinator, bag and new shoes and we’re guessing you’re in at a fair few hundred pounds and that is before your partners outfit and children’s if they are also attending the wedding, so by now the pound signs are racking up!


Nowadays there’s the meal the evening before, then the wedding itself and sometimes the day after celebrations to consider and if the wedding isn’t close to your home then it’s either extremely expensive taxi’s and lots of travelling, or there’s the reality of accommodation and it doesn’t come cheap, particularly if you choose to stay at the venue.

The gift:

This is where it gets confusing, how much do you spend on a gift? What is the etiquette?

Here at Paper Themes we think that it depends on how well you know the couple, how much you’ve already spent on various factors (is the wedding abroad etc.) and how much you can actually afford to give.

There will always be little extras that always crop up, but these are a few of the top areas where wedding guests spend their money on your big day, so brides to be maybe don’t get upset if someone has to cancel one of probably many night out, you’ve probably forgotten how much they are already spending on your big day!

X Happy Wedding Planning X

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