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Autumn Flowers Wedding Arrow
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Autumn Flowers Wedding Arrow

If your wedding celebrations are taking place outdoors or within a large venue- or if you have lots of attractions at your reception for example a sweetie cart, a photo booth, the dance floor it can be helpful to put up arrows to direct your guests to the relevant locations.

It’s a nice idea to situate an arrow at the entrance of your venue so guests can easily find their way to the correct room!

Our Autumn Flowers wedding arrows are designed to be fun and can point to anywhere that you like, just fill in your details on our simple online personalisation tool by clicking ‘personalise’ below...

Our Autumn Flowers wedding arrows are designed with a white background and a rustic design of autumn coloured flowers, perfect for your rustic wedding theme. In addition to the location our Autumn Flowers wedding arrows also feature your names and wedding date.

The arrows are reverse printed so your design and chosen wording will show on both sides, meaning that you can have them pointing either way.

Our Autumn Flowers wedding arrows are printed onto a durable, lightweight and waterproof correx board, making them suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

Size 567 x 187mm


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