Hen parties

It’s the last bank holiday weekend of 2016, this weekend is a popular weekend for getting married (so congratulations if this weekend is your wedding weekend) however, it is also a popular weekend for stag and hen parties… (lets face it… it’s all about the brides though so we’re having the focus on hen do’s) so hands up! Who’s having or who’s going on a hen do this weekend?!………………………………..

And is it a hen do or as that is becoming increasingly popular… is it a hen weekend?

Here at Paper Themes we love a good hen party, so let’s have a brief look into where hen parties come from (don’t worry I’ll keep this part brief, so we can get on to the exciting parts of the PARTAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!)

Because let’s face it girls we all need that final fling before the ring!  Now is not the time for being sensible ladies… It’s all about creative!


So hen do history…

Hen – meaning any bird (excuse the pun ladies) means an exclusive party for ladies only! (similarly stag- males only party)

Stag and hen parties have always been acknowledged as the final night of freedom and last night out with friends before the wedding!

There’s lots more to the history, but lets just keep it simple and say it was also to do with land ownership and ownership of the ladies!

I think we should focus upon the time at present… What’s popular with hen parties?

Spa breaks: hot tubs and prosecco are the way to go for a relaxing weekend, book a spa weekend for the hens and all enjoy some time together with fun, games and relaxing treatments, perfect for pre-wedding preparation and making yourselves beautiful!


Cocktail making: Classic and fantastic- every girl loves a cocktail, so why not experience a cocktail making class- mix it up and drink it down! Start the evening with giggles, fun and lots of spirit!


Trips abroad: A weekend in the sun pre-wedding sounds perfect, the opportunity to top up your tan is surely too good to refuse (don’t forget the inflatable flamingos)


Afternoon tea: afternoon tea is no longer just associated with the older generation… Now everyone loves afternoon tea, so if you are looking for a low key hen afternoon think about afternoon tea and with more and more venues offering afternoon tea for hen parties you’ll be sure to find one near you… (you can always head out afterwards for you wild evening, but this would be perfect if there’s some more reserved members attending your hen party)


Hen parties are brilliant, your bridesmaids will want you to have nothing but the best so a lot of the time they are complete surprises, trust your best friends, they want you to have the best night…

Other ideas:

Set up a DIY photo booth, grab some props and a great backdrop and have a good laugh at the crazy photos that follow!

Life drawing- see how your drawing skills are and have some fun

Don’t forget the complete ott elements- I’m talking sashes, L Plates, badges, boas, veils- whatever you have planned, you must go all out, take too many selfies and create a hashtag so you can see the social media moments forever- and everyone can relive the day again!


Whatever you choose just enjoy yourselves, have a great hen party!

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