Wedding films for a night with your bridesmaids

Wedding films come and wedding films go… but a lot of wedding films become classics and are around forever.

What better way to spend your evenings wedding planning with your bridesmaids than to have pizza, goodies and a great wedding film to provide inspiration and the background to a great night and great memories!

We have compiled a list of great wedding related movies that we here at the Paper Themes office love and highly recommend (we know you’ve probably seen them all, but if you have use this as a reference)

We aimed for 10 wedding films that we love, however as there’s so many greats we could only cap it at 14 (in no particular order)

Wedding Crashers: The Wedding Crashers are two friends John (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy (Vince Vaughan) crash weddings to meet women! A laugh out loud comedy perfect for a girls night in wedding planning!

Four Weddings and a Funeral: It’s more about a case of timing that’s preventing Charles (Hugh Grant) and Carrie (Andie MacDowell) being together, as their paths continuously seem to be crossing at various weddings and a funeral is this meant to be?

The Wedding Singer: Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore… Enough said, watch this great rom com, when wedding singer Robby (Adam Sandler) is stood up by his long term sweetheart, he happens to meet Julia (Drew Barrymore), who is engaged to the VERY wrong guy, watch their friendship grow and Robby works to make Julia see how very wrong her fiance is!

Muriel’s Wedding: Muriel the awkward, social outcast who’s dad has never even let her go on a date, moves to the big city of Sydney and transforms her life and live out everything she’s ever wanted!

27 Dresses: The classic tale of always a bridesmaid, never a bride! Watch the love/hate relationship between Jane (katherine Heigl), Kevin (James Marsden), her sister Tess (Malin Akerman) and Jane’s boss George (Edward Burns).  See the love, the laughs and the tears whilst people marry, fight, break up and make up.  A great romantic comedy, perfect to watch with the girls!

Bridesmaids: This is the comedy to watch with your bridesmaids… It is sure to have you crying with laughter at the antics of these bridesmaids (you can also use this film to keep your bridesmaids in line and demand that these things DON’T happen) Annie (Kristen Wiig) the maid of honour, unlucky in love is determined to make things perfect for her BFF Lillian (Maya Rudolph) but things don’t always go to plan! Grab your girls, grab a bottle of wine, sit back and enjoy!

Bride Wars: When 2 best friends who have planned their wedding days since they were little girls get engaged, wedding planning takes over and threatens their friendship… What happens when you both want the same venue and the same day… Bride wars… Grab the popcorn this wedding film is a cracker!  Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are fantastic in their role!

My Best Friends Wedding: Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts are a great pairing in this fel good rom com! when childhood friends haven’t yet married and then the awful moment that he tells you he’s marrying a 20 year old beauty and you actually realise that you’re in love with him it’s a fight to make him realise… and Cameron Diaz on karaoke, need I say any more!

Runaway Bride: Following on from the popularity of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride is sure not to disappoint. Maggie (Julia Roberts) is the bride who always runs, when Graham (Richard Gere) a journalist finds out about her upcoming nuptials he’s just hanging around for the next story, but will this turn into something more?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Unmarried Toula (Nia Vardalos) gets a job at her aunties travel agency and falls in love with Ian (John Corbett) you’d think that this would be everything that her Greek family have wanted for Toula… to fall in love and marry. So what’s the problem? Well Ian isn’t Greek and what’s worse he’s a vegetarian! What other issues will arise? whatever they are you are guaranteed a laugh and a great hour and half watching this film!

License To Wed: When you really want to get married, but can’t do this until after you have passed Reverend Frank’s marriage preparation course it really starts to make them think about whether they can really stay together until death do us part! An all star cast featuring the late Robin Williams, Mandy Moore and John Krasinski.

The Proposal: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are on form in this great film, when Margaret (Sandra Bullock) a high flying business woman is face with being deported back to Canada, there’s only one thing for it… To get married to Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) her assistant.  A weekend trip to Alaska brings more out in Margaret than she thought and could this ‘fake’ proposal turn into something more? This is one for either an evening with the bridesmaids or even for date night with hubby to be!

Mamma Mia: A full star studded cast take on the screen adaptation of Mamma Mia, it’s Sophie’s wedding coming up and all she wants is her dad there… But when there’s 3 possibilities just think about what can happen! A fantastic lighthearted film to sing along to!

The Wedding Planner: J Lo and Matthew McConaughey are fantastic in this classic wedding film.  Wedding planner Mary is enlisted to plan the wedding of Steve and Fran, but will this be the wedding planning of her dreams or will she get in a bit too deep?

We’d love to hear which one of these are your favourite wedding films or if you think we’re missing something special, let us know and we can share with other brides to be!

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