Purple Wedding Invitations

Purple is a popular wedding colour.  This could be because the colour purple is associated with royalty and luxury.  Furthermore the colour purple symbolises wealth, extravagance, grandeur and devotion- all symbols of what couples will want from their wedding.

Purple has always been a popular colour, however in recent years the wedding industry has seen a huge spark in wedding sales of the shade referred to as ‘Cadbury Purple…’

Purple is also a very versatile colour and very easy to complement – with rich purples you can incorporate silvers and golds and with a lilac and soft purples you can incorporate pastel shades of pink, green, yellow, blue, coral… the list is endless!

Wedding Invitations: Paper Themes have a gorgeous selection of purple wedding invitations.  Perfect for any wedding colour scheme or wedding theme

PT130A-Violet-Diamante-Buckle-Wedding-Invitation_front PT264A Purple Love Stars front PURPLENew

Wedding Stationery: Paper Themes offer a full range of stationery to match your wedding invitations…

14PT0074GPLPurpleVintageCharmSTDNEW 14PT00126GHappinessFlowersSTD 14W0053 UP UP AND AWAY RSVP TWOBECOMEONETU

Wedding Signs: Wedding signs are a really pretty and really fun way to add a bit of something to your venue, perfect as they look lovely and are really handy and informative for your wedding guests


Wedding Banners & Wedding Bunting: Wedding banners and wedding bunting are becoming extremely popular, they perfectly add the finishing touches to your wedding reception


Flowers: Purple flowers are strikingly beautiful and help to make up a beautiful bouquet, for both you and your bridesmaids- they can also perfectly complement your room and decor, use purple flowers as table centre pieces and to decorate your reception room.

shutterstock_113443081 shutterstock_118039186 shutterstock_148386797 shutterstock_226803823

Bridesmaids: Purple is a lovely colour that arguable every lady likes, therefore I’m sure when you tell your bridesmaids that you will be having a purple wedding colour scheme that they will be more than happy to ‘rock’ the purple look!


Groom and Groomsmen: Purple is a lovely colour for the groom and his groomsmen too, ties/ cravats- waistcoats and their button hole will look great and completely complement a grey or black suit.




Cake: Wedding cake, the centre feature for the reception, your guests will love to see your colour scheme carried out through your cake, and purple and ice white icing look wonderful together!

shutterstock_367268402 shutterstock_315630689 shutterstock_163746728 shutterstock_152471939 shutterstock_95746990 shutterstock_54314281

Decor: Wedding decor is key to the look of the reception, your colour scheme will match perfectly and really set the feel to the whole event…

shutterstock_116048467 shutterstock_118039186 shutterstock_150769127 shutterstock_439208209


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