Introducing our confectionery range!

You spoke… We listened and we delivered!

GRN-Pale-Green-Foiled-Chocolate-Heart-Favours PU-Purple-Foiled-Chocolate-Heart-Favours

From gathering feedback and listening to what our wonderful brides and grooms have been requesting we’ve started to slowly introduce things… Keep checking back for our latest arriving products, but anyway enough about the long term, we know that you are more interested in what we’ve launched…

So for those of you that have a sweet tooth you’ll be pleased to know that as from 07/07/2016 Paper Themes introduce our confectionery range!

Initially we have launched a selection of beautifully coloured foil wrapped milk chocolate hearts; they will perfectly match your wedding colour scheme (and not to mention they taste absolutely fantastic!) available colours at present are:

Silver, gold, purple, pink, lilac, ivory, red, black, pale green, light blue, navy, cerise, burghandy, brown, midnight blue, orange and turquoise

So sure to be a colour to fit in with your wedding colours!

Keeping in with traditions, we’ve also introduced a selection of sugared almonds- similarly with the chocolate hearts we have a selection of colours available:

404KGB-Blue-Sugared-Almond-Favours 514KGB-Gold-Sugared-Almond-Favours

White, ivory, silver, gold, pink, blue and lilac

Our confectionery is perfect to be used for your wedding favours.

It is tradition to use 5 sugared almonds as your wedding favours, this is an old Italian tradition and each sugared almond is symbolic to:

Health, happiness, wealth, fertility and long life

Sugared almonds are still popular nowadays, as are other variations, for example the chocolate hearts!

Whatever you choose for your wedding favours will be perfect for you!

Don’t forget to check out our gorgeous selection of wedding favour boxes (that can perfectly match in with your wedding stationery)

Happy shopping, happy wedding planning and happy sneakily eating one or two (or 5 yourself)

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