Flowers and Floral Invitations

Flowers are a super important aspect of your big day, the bouquet will feature in your wedding photographs and will walk down the aisle with you, so make sure that you are choose your flowers well… and your florist!

You may have an idea of what you want your wedding flowers to look like, which is great, however always be prepared to compromise a bit to get the best out of your wedding bouquets… We always recommend that you trust your florist, they know exactly what works, what goes with what and exactly how to make the most of your ideas.

When it comes to booking your florist then we recommend that you meet with several florists, that way you can see what they are like, view their portfolios and see exactly what they are capable of creating, you will also get to know their prices and importantly how they interact with you.  When you have chosen your florist it will be an ongoing relationship with several changes and idea switching so make sure that you are 110% happy with your choice!

Pinterest: Before you book your appointments with florists have an idea of what you want.  OK so you may be at the stage where by you have known that you want ‘daisies’ as your wedding flowers since you were a little girl, but it always helps to have lots of ideas! What better way to put these all in one place, with lots of inspirational images than to use Pinterest… You don’t have Pinterest? Well now’s the time to get it, Pinterest can be every brides guide to ideas and inspiration for their big day… If you can dream it it’s pretty much guaranteed to be available on Pinterest, you will see exactly what others have achieved and get all the inspiration you could dream of.  It will also help your florist when it comes to seeing what you like and sharing ideas across Pinterest boards will be fun and a great way to show what you want.

Trust your florist: Your florist is the expert, you must trust their recommendations, or at least consider them.  You may not have ever thought about (or even heard of) a particular flower, but you didn’t know that it perfectly compliments your choice of wedding flower and gives you the most amazing bouquet


Consider all aspects: Where exactly do you want wedding flowers? How do you want them to look… You will want flowers in your wedding reception and ceremony? Do you want these to match your wedding flower or the room decor?  Don’t forget to utilise your wedding flowers, if you have flowers within your ceremony arrange to get them moved to your reception, the cost of flowers can add up, so if you can save some money then why now… also when you consider a wedding ceremony lasts approximately 30minutes to 1 hour that’s a lot of money to just let the flowers go to waste, ceremony pedestal flowers can make lovely top table arrangements.  When you are considering flowers for each table consider the room, if there is lots to look at then don’t obstruct with too many large flowers, this will only affect photographs and also consider your guests having discussions over their wedding breakfast, feature flowers throughout the room are lovely.

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Bridesmaids: Bridesmaids, you can choose the same bouquets for them than your own, but smaller- or you could consider the same colours but different complimentary flowers so that they all work perfectly together

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Allow time: Don’t think of your flowers as a last minute thing, get them sorted right at the beginning of your wedding planning journey… There are some brides who overlook their wedding flowers in their initial planning and wedding budget and then panic last minute, be prepared!

Your wedding flowers will be beautiful, some brides choose to go down the DIY route, but before you do this you must ensure that you are completely comfortable doing this, because it can lead to being a much bigger job than you first anticipate, this can then lead to you needing to bring in the help of a professional florist, which can become more expensive than if you just went to a florist in the first place.

When choosing a florist it’s always preferable if you are recommended from a friend/ family member or if you have attended a wedding and loved their work, however all reputable florists will be able to provide a full portfolio of their work.

Check online and see exactly what customers are saying, if customers have been unhappy or let down by a florist then you will know about it, unhappy brides will talk and will want to ensure that it doesn’t happen to others, simple Google searches will bring up reviews…

When it comes to flowers Paper Themes can help you along the way with our gorgeous range of floral wedding invitations, we guarantee that if it is flowers that you want, we will have a design that you will fall in love with.

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