Whimsical Weddings


To conclude this months whimsical wedding theme, we’ll summarise whimsical weddings… Now as it’s almost the end of June and we’re hoping that we still have a summer to look forward to (although with the great British weather you never can tell) we had that hot week in May so anything is possible.

Anyway not to dampen any spirits, UK weather can never be guaranteed, so don’t worry about the weather… make plans and stick to them.

So back to the theme in hand, we thought that summer is on it’s way so what better theme to have this month that Whimsical!

Whimsical wedding is a theme that is becoming more and more popular and extremely focused upon summer time weddings


The whimsical wedding theme is a great one and one that can be portrayed right from the initial stages- choosing great ‘whimsical’ wedding invitations can suggest the theme to your guests… At Paper Themes, we have a large selection of whimsical wedding invitations, set to meet any style and budget- we look to include the great, bold colours within these wedding invitations and the whimsical style wedding invitation font and images, see a few of our popular whimsical wedding invitations designs, or click here to view our full range of wedding invitations…

serenity wedding invitations pink polka dot hearts wedding invitations JUBILATION WEDDING INVITATION Je Taime Wedding Invitation floral fantasy wedding invitations

Wedding Stationery:

All Paper Themes wedding invitations can be matched to wedding stationery, so keep the same theme across your wedding invitations, wedding stationery, wedding table plans etc.

We have a beautiful range of various different ‘whimsical’ wedding signs, from arrows to photo back drops we have the sign to compliment your whimsical wedding.


Wedding signs are becoming a big player in wedding days, advise your guests where the photo booth is, where the sweetie cart is etc, also provide gorgeous photo back drops for your guests to

Wedding Dress:

Your wedding dress is arguably the most important item of your wedding day, what you may have dreamed about since being a little girl and with a whimsical wedding theme this can be expressed through your wedding dress.  Take a look at some examples below…

shutterstock_410651266shutterstock_144230482 (1)shutterstock_407687713


Whimsical wedding themes give you the opportunity to either go bright and bold with your choice of bridesmaid dress colours, or alternatively it’s still acceptable to be subtle with colour and include colour within the bouquets and decor




shutterstock_258867380 (1)


Decor: With a whimsical wedding the idea list for decorating the venue is endless, there are so many ways in which you can go for both indoor and outdoor venues

shutterstock_115855375 shutterstock_174076172shutterstock_271804625


When it comes to your cake, be creative, with cakes the lists are endless! you can keep with traditional white or you can be super creative! Cakes are the perfect opportunity to express your whimsical theme- see the below cakes for a bit of whimsical wedding cake inspiration!

shutterstock_58011505 shutterstock_109678439 shutterstock_153136628

So as you can see the possibilities and opportunities with whimsical wedding themes are endless!

Just remember that Paper Themes are here to be your wedding stationer, with a fantastic range of whimsical wedding ideas and to help you along your wedding planning way!

Paper Themes have over 100 years experience within the wedding stationery market and provide exceptional choice and quality to meet your every requirement!

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