Wedding Colour Scheme


Choosing your wedding colour scheme is something personal to the individual couple- it may be something that the bride has planned since she was a child, it may be something symbolic of the couple or it may just be a colour that both bride and groom can agree on!

When it comes to colour schemes for your wedding day there is lots to consider

  • how easy will it be to match items
  • will the bridesmaids dresses be easy to find
  • how popular is the colour for accessories
  • will the groomsmen be happy to wear the colour (not that they will get much choice)
  • where do you want the colour to go

Popular items that can match your colour scheme

  • table runners
  • chair covers
  • chair bows
  • table centre pieces
  • bridesmaid dresses
  • cravats
  • shoes
  • flowers
  • accessories
  • favours
  • hair accessories
  • jewellery
  • wedding invitations
  • wedding stationery
  • wedding signs
  • table numbers
  • place cards
  • guest book
  • wedding postbox
  • cake (topper, ribbons etc)

How to choose your wedding colour scheme:

Your wedding colour scheme will be an element that will set the tone for your wedding day, your guests will immediately be able to tell the colour scheme that you have chosen from the moment they set foot in the venue (or see the wedding party) sometimes colour schemes can come as a huge surprise to guests- wedding guests may associate you with a particular colour (you may be a real girly girl and everything is always pink) so on your wedding day your guests may expect to see pink everywhere, so if they see blue they may be pleasantly surprised- there is so much fun that you can have when deciding your wedding colour scheme, this is the first time that Pinterest will come in handy (if you don’t already use Pinterest now is the time to familiarise yourself with what will probably become your new BFF!)


shutterstock_33254212Location is a key aspect when deciding what colour scheme to choose, will you have an outdoor wedding, marquee or venue wedding, consider simple things that you may overlook- for example what colour is the carpet in a reception room, what colour are the curtains, what colour is the wallpaper/ paint- subtle little things that may have an impact on your big day.  If your wedding is outside then you may want to follow the outdoor colour idea- look towards rustic/ vintage colour palettes… Is your venue modern or traditional? Would deeper colours or pastel/ powder colours be more fitting and what photographs do you want and how will your colour scheme compliment?


shutterstock_150338051Time of year is a factor to consider, winter is a prime time when you can use powder/ icy blues and pinks- this will compliment perfectly if the weather is icy/ snowy and creating a look that is reflective of time of year, similarly autumn weddings can be complimented by a rustic feel, oranges, browns, greens, spring is the perfect opportunity to use pinks, yellows, blues- all soft and bright whereas with summer you can go for bright colours which will reflect nice weather, sunshine and the outdoors.

What’s important to you:

shutterstock_394328383 (1)What is important to you is also the most important point to consider when deciding your wedding colour scheme- what colours do you want to see, allow your personality to shine through, be creative- no one said you can have just one colour…

Colour combinations: multiple wedding colour schemes are becoming increasingly popular and why settle for one colour when you can have multiple:

  • black and white
  • navy and yellow
  • pink and white

the list is endless- a good place to discuss wedding colours would be with your florist, discuss flowers that you like and whaich flower combinations work together- this can inspire you for colours, this is a good point to think about the flowers which you want for your big day- it may be that you have picked a colour scheme based on a particular flower that you like, however the reality of the flower chosen may not be as good as your perception.

Over the next few blogs we will dedicate each to a particular wedding colour scheme- we will help and give you inspiration if it’s the colour scheme you may be considering and we will suggest gorgeous items from our range.

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