10 of The Funniest Wedding Photos From Around The Web

Here at Paper Themes people often email us amusing wedding related photos they’ve stumbled across on the internet.

Rather than keep them to ourselves we thought it was about time we shared them with you, so that you too can have a giggle as these rib-tickling pics.

10. The Wannabe-Bridesmaid!

You didn’t ask me to be a bridesmaid but I’m going to be in all your photos anyway!


9. Always The Usher, Never The Bride!

Outta my way sisters – that bouquet is mine!

throwing the bouquet

8. Horsing Around

Oh Sorry, I thought you asked for the ‘Brible Party’…

wedding photobomb horse

7. Unusual Toppers

There’s a joke here somewhere about pears…


6. Little Ladies

Well, they do say the bridesmaids should never overshadow the bride!


5. Swept Off Their Feet

Wave! No, not that kind of of wave, ‘wave’… Too late!

bride and groom hit by wave

4. Mrs Tumnus

Yes, we know Mr. Tumnus had goats legs, but you get the point!

A bride with horses legs

3. The Planking Vicar

I wonder if he conducted the entire service like this?

a vicar planking

2. The Runaway Bride

If this blushing bride took-off, he’d never catch her!

bride with long legs

1. Cheers!

You’ve got to love the look on this guy’s face as he realises what he’s just done.


Let us know which is your favourite, or send us your own funny pics for us to share.