Infographic: Wedding Colour Trends – What’s Hot & What’s Not in 2013/2014

Earlier this month, we published the first of our findings from the 2013 Paper Themes Wedding Survey. The fascinating post, published on our blog, revealed that an astonishing 1 in 5 newlyweds admitted to not thanking wedding guests.

Over the last few days we’ve been delving even further into the wedding survey data which has enabled us pull together some interesting findings related to wedding colour trends.

Wedding Colour Themes

Colour themes are always a popular talking point when it comes to planning a wedding, with many factors to consider. Trends, seasons and even complexions can all play their part in this decision making process, but we wanted to know just which colours were the most popular with our brides.

Given that the topic was colour, we felt that we should try and communicate the results in a more visual way. So, rather than put together the usual press release, we asked our designers to create something beautiful.

Colour Trends Infographic

In reply our clever creatives responded with this stunning infographic illustrating popular wedding colours and highlighting trends to watch in the coming months.

paper themes wedding colour trends infographic

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Purple & Pink Rule

It’s clear to see from the data above that purple & pink rule when it comes to wedding colour schemes.

The results of our survey suggest that there’s not much to choose between the colours. In this instance however pink just edged it with almost 12.5% of respondents naming it as their colour of choice.

Pink, it’s said, represents unconditional love, understanding, and nurturing. Whereas purple is linked to luxury, passion, wealth and devotion. As far as meanings go then, you’d be hard pushed to find two more appropriate colours for your wedding theme.

Seasonal Colour Trends

Spring, perhaps a little surprisingly, is dominated by pink, purple & navey blue. There are hints of more traditional spring colours too however with many brides choosing shades of light blue & green.

Again pink & purple are the most popular colours throughout the summer months, with subtle creams, ivory and white also being popular.

Throughout autumn, creams, navy blue, red and burgundy push pink to be one of the most popular colours, but purple is still as popular as ever. Gold, silver, grey & browns also increase in popularity during autumn.

Again pink and purple are hugely popular but white, cream & ivory come into their own in winter. For those who still want a splash of colour to brighten up their winter wedding day, red, blues, burgundy and gold are amongst the most popular.

Colours to Watch: Wedding Colour Trends 2013/2014

Whilst digging through our survey data it became apparent that there were several colours which appeared to be growing in popuarity with both brides and brides-to-be.

Perhaps surprisingly it wasn’t mint green which has been tipped by many over the last year to be the next big thing or indeed tiffany blue, the favourite of many Pinterest users.

Right now it seems the colour making a splash is in fact navy blue. Many brides listed navy blue as their chosen colour theme for summer, autumn and winter 2013. And don’t be surprised to see navy blue being popular right throughout 2014 too!

With the cooler months approaching burgundy seems set to make an appearance in winter 2013, although this blast from the past could well be short lived.

Purple & pink will no doubt continue to feature at most of the weddings planned for 2014 but there are some new pretenders to the throne growing in popularity.

As an outside bet we’re highlighting coral as a colour to watch in 2014. Associated with warmth and calmness, coral is best described as a pinkish-orange and has been championed by the fashion world as a colour to watch for many months.

Our odds on favourite as the wedding colour to watch in 2014 however, is teal. A gorgeous bluish-green, teal is believed to represent life and, according to our survey, will feature at many weddings throughout 2014.

Here’s something else that may interest fashionable bride. The complementary color of teal is coral!