7 Wedding Questions With… Steve, Leader of the Gang

‘7 Wedding Questions with…’ today introduces you to our leader Steve. He looks after all the inner workings of Paper Themes and heads up all the beautiful bespoke wedding stationery and accessories that can be found on the website.

So now it’s time to get up-close-&-personal with the man that rules our happy little roost!


Firstly who are you? … Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi my name is Stephen Prince and I am the General Manager looking after the Paper Themes brand. I joined the company in January 2006. I’m a self-confessed digital geek – I love all things internet related. I got married to my wife in 2008; she works for an advertising agency, so always has an opinion on what we’re doing at Paper Themes. It winds her up when I’m pouring over website analytics and search results while at home. We designed our own invitations making use of Paper Themes bespoke service, I should really add them to the website! Outside of work I’m happiest on the ski slopes or in my kitchen entertaining friends and family.

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing my staff develop and fulfil their potential, without a shadow of a doubt it’s the most rewarding part of my job.

How did you end up in the wedding industry?

By accident, I’ve got a technology background from the print industry and spent 11 years at large plc before coming to Paper Themes. If the career advisor at School had said you’ll end up in the wedding industry, I’d probably have laughed at them. But I do really enjoy it now I’m here, I think it’s good to have a male perspective in a predominantly female industry.

Do you have a favourite design from the Paper Themes range & why?

Not really, I like most of them. I suppose my taste is more contemporary than traditional though. I really like the new Essentials range, it covers all tastes and I know how much love and attention has gone into each design.


What is the wedding-related question you are most frequently asked?

How long will my order take? And the answer is usually around 10 working days, but it can take longer in peak periods. We like to take our time and hand-finish all our invitations. Our finishing team has a vast amount of experience gluing wallets together, tying bows and sticking diamantes on cards.

Can you reveal the most extraordinary request you have had from a customer?

I’m not sure about extraordinary, but what has stuck in my mind is a customer asking for ‘premier inn purple’.

What is the most important piece of advice you could give to our readers when it comes to choosing their wedding stationery & accessories?

If you’re unsure about anything then ask one of the team here, I can guarantee we’ve probably already been asked by someone else over the years. All of our customer service team members have been in the wedding stationery business for a minimum of 14 years and some have over 25 years service!