7 Wedding Questions With… Melissa, The Customer Service Super-Star!

‘7 Wedding Questions with…’ today introduces you to the lovely Melissa, for those of you who have already started ordering your wedding stationery you may have spoken to her; whether it be a query about a design you love or help with your invitation wording Melissa is always on hand to help & we thought you might like to know a little bit about her & if she has any pearls of wedding wisdom to share with you!


Firstly, who are you? … Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Melissa, I take care of the incoming Emails, setting & general enquiries. I’m married with 1 child. I hate my photograph being taken, so my friend at the Yorkshire Cake Company modelled me out of icing just for you readers!

What do you love most about your job?

I love spending time working on my customers orders & making them happy with the product they are about to have printed.

How did you end up in the wedding industry?

I came here after leaving school & have been here ever since! I had a brief spell where I left to have my child, but other than that it amounts to about 20 years!

Wow! That is a long time! I imagine you have seen a lot of wedding stationery over that time… Do you have a favourite design from the Paper Themes range & why?

My favourite design is Wedding Fete as it is quirky & fun & I just love it


What is the wedding-related question you are most frequently asked?

The most frequent question I am asked is if it is possible to change our standard wording styles to adapt to a different variation for the specific customers wedding – which of course is Yes, we can adapt most items, designs & wordings to suit the specific customers needs – their is not much we cant do for a customer, or that we wont at least try!

Can you reveal the most extraordinary request you have had from a customer?

I think the most extraordinary thing I have been asked to do is create a Phantom of the Opera Mask themed & shaped table planner, which I am currently in the process of creating!

What is the most important piece of advice you could give to our readers when it comes to choosing their wedding stationery & accessories?

The most important thing I would say is to not stress, I understand that the whole process is stressful but the job we do, I hope, makes this small part of planning your wedding a lot less so, if there is anything we can do to help, change or adapt what you require we are more than willing to accommodate!

I think that’s us told! So if there is something that you need to ask, however small you think it may be; like Melissa says we are more than willing to help. Contact via email or call customer services team – you never know, you may end up speaking with Melissa!

Liz x