10 Awesome Wedding Table Number Ideas

In order to provide a unique wedding venue décor that is personal to the bride and groom, it is important to consider every last detail including your wedding table numbers. In recent years we have seen couples becoming more imaginative with how they number their tables. Here we take a look at 10 of our favourite ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


Hand Painted Pebbles

A great budget option that can be used to give a natural feel to your table décor. All you need are some pebbles, which you can either leave as they are, or paint to match your colour scheme. Numbers can be added by way of rubber stamps, but be sure to do the stamping at least a few days before the big day to ensure that the ink has dried properly. You can complete the look by scattering more pebbles across the tables.




Wine Bottle Labels

If you are going to serve wine at your wedding reception you could have the bottles already on the table, complete with labels displaying the number of the table. These labels are easy enough to create using your home printer and some self-adhesive labels. If you really want to add some character to the bottles, you should consider incorporating some of Paper Themes’ personalised wine bottle labels.





Balloon Numbers

Balloons remain a popular choice when it comes to weddings and you are likely planning to include some at your venue. So why not kill two birds with one stone and opt for balloons that are in the shape of numbers? All you have to worry about here is keeping the kids away from them long enough for everyone to be seated.







Numbered Balloon Strings

Staying with the balloon theme, you could go for regular shaped balloons, with tags displaying the table number attached to the string. Just make sure that you fill those balloons with helium so that the string is nice and tight and the table number can be easily seen.




On Chairs

Rather than displaying the number on the table, you could instead number the individual chairs around the table. This can be done by attaching a printed number to the back of each chair, which allows the table number to be seen by guests no matter which angle they are approaching from. There is of course always the chance that some of the numbers will be covered up by the male guests, as they take off their suit jacket and throw it over the back of their chair in preparation for the feast ahead.


Chalkboard Table Numberschalkboard

Choosing chalkboard table numbers gives you the freedom to decorate them as you like. You can either go for a simple table number as shown in the image opposite, or if you are a little artistic, add your own personalisation as you wish. The beauty of this option is that they can be used by the children later in the evening as a means of keeping them entertained and even reused at other events after the wedding is over.




As The Centrepiece

Rather than having a centrepiece and a separate table number, some couples are now incorporating the two table decorations into one single element. There are numerous ways of doing this, but a some of our favourites include having the number positioned on a piece of card inside a wire birdcage, or a pincushion design complete with number sticking out of a potted plant.




Door Numbers

At less than‚ £2 each, house door numbers are a novel option when it comes to wedding table numbers. The availability of brass and chrome finishes means that they will fit in well with most themes and colours schemes. All you have to do is decide what to attach them to, which could be something as simple as a split section of log or as ornate as a florists foam block complete with fresh flowers.

Pillar Candlescandles

The lighting of candles plays a part in many wedding ceremonies, often used to symbolise the joining of two hearts and lives. If you have used candles of part of your ceremony then it can be nice to carry this theme through into the venue. Numbered pillar candles are available, which can both serve to act as a centrepiece and to guide guests to their seat. The candles also provide some mood lighting later in the day as the lights are dimmed and the evening guests begin to arrive.


napkinsNumbered Napkins

Our final suggestion is to have your table napkins numbered. This can provide a chic detail to your table decoration, without taking up any additional space. Once your guests have worked out where their table is located and are happily seated, the table numbers will then disappear as napkins are placed on laps and the feast begins.


If you have got any great table number ideas then we’d love to hear all about them.