Our Heidelberg Letterpress Printer In Action!

Letterpress Printing

A bit of a change on the blog this week; we thought you may be interested in seeing one of our printers in action. These photos are of our original Heidelberger printing press. It is being used for letterpress prining, a method invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the mid-15th century.

Letterpress Printing

The process requires an extremely high degree of craftsmanship and specialist knowledge; the printer needs to understand the capabilities of the medium. Most of the equipment only prints one colour at a time, so printing multiple colours can be very challenging.

The inking system on letterpress equipment is also less precise than on offset presses, which isn’t suitable for some graphics.
Letterpress Wedding Invitations
The skill and concentration that goes into it is incredible, there’s almost no room for error. It’s an extremely unforgiving medium.

At the same time though, the effect is unrivalled compared to many modern printing methods; it’s the feel and look of the finished print in your hand that makes the labour so worthwhile.
Letterpress Wedding Stationery

The results

The Letterpress effect created using this method makes all the time, effort and skill that goes into their production worth while.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations
You can view Paper Themes’ range of Letterpress wedding invitations on this page of our website.