7 Wedding Questions with…Sebastian Hunt, Wedding Magician

We’re back with another 7 Wedding Questions and it gives us great pleasure to introduce somebody we met at this year’s National Wedding Show: Sebastian Hunt, wedding magician.

As usual then, we’ll let Sebastian do the rest of the talking…
Sebastian Hunt, Wedding Magician

Hi Sebastian, firstly, could you tell the Paper Themes readers a little bit about yourself?

My name is Sebastian Hunt and I am a full-time professional magician. I fell into magic while studying law as a mature student, having become tired of my previous IT career. That makes it sound like I can’t stick at anything!

What do your love about your job most?

Two things; the looks of utter wonder when I entertain people that have never before seen live close-up magic, plus the freedom of being my own boss. I should have branched out on my own years ago!

Table Entertainment at Your Wedding

How often do you perform at weddings and how did you end up in the wedding industry?

I probably do about 35 weddings a year. I do a lot of mid-week corporate events and trade shows but I always jump at the opportunity to perform wedding magic. Weddings allow me to work with audiences who are there because the want to be, not because their bosses have ordered them to attend!

How does performing at weddings differ to other events?

Simply put, it is the most important day in my client’s life. When I’m performing at a wedding, I’m not just some bloke doing tricks! My role, early in the wedding, is to provide ice-breaking ‘Mix & Mingle’ magic to make sure that everyone is involved and nobody is feeling left out.

Later, during the wedding breakfast, my table-side magic is a very sophisticated way to make the meal unforgettable. But there’s more to it than that. Ahead of the wedding I will have already introduced myself to the venue staff and explained that I am there to help make the day as trouble-free as possible.

Wedding Entertainment

If (heaven forbid) the kitchen burns the starter, or perhaps you have a bus-load of guests turn up an hour early, or any of the other things that can mess with a well planned wedding schedule, I can work with the venue to smooth things over.

People don’t mind waiting around too much when I have them in the palm of my hand – in this way I am an insurance against certain unforeseen circumstances!

What’s the style of your magic?

My magic is very strong, but without being in any way dark. I always make sure that humour is central to my repertoire but I’m certainly no clown.

And like a stand-up comedian I love a heckler! I am a little more formal in my presentation than a street magician – don’t expect me to turn up in jeans!

I am also a member of The Magic Circle (think of it like a Michelin star for magicians)

Do you have any tricks especially for weddings?

I have a number of routines which are perfect for weddings, some of which are my personal take on classics of magic, and some which I have developed myself. I think the best wedding magic leaves the participant with a souvenir they can keep forever.

How can our readers get in touch with you?

Check me out on

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