When To Send Save The Date Cards, Why Send Them & What to Write

save-the-date-cardSave the date cards have grown in popularity over recent years, with more and more couples incorporating them into their wedding stationery plans.  However not all of us are completely clear about their role when planning a wedding and it is one item that we often receive a lot of questions about.  So, to help answer some of the questions that we are most commonly asked, we thought we’d write a quick post.

Why do I need to send save the date cards?

Traditionally, invitations are the first form of correspondence that guests receive regarding a wedding.  However, in modern times there has been a growing trend for couples to send out save the date cards first.  This change has come about due to several reasons.  Firstly, many weddings now take place over 2 or even 3 days; meaning guests have to clear are larger amount of time in their calendar, which can be difficult at short notice.

Also, we simply have busier lives than we used to do, from more frequent holidays, to working longer hours.  By giving guests as much notice as possible, couples increase the chances of having everyone that is important to them in attendance.  A save the date card is also a good idea if you are planning a destination wedding; allowing your guests plenty of time to start saving up for the trip.

If you are organising a wedding at short notice, then it may be advisable to forgo save the date cards and simply concentrate on sending your wedding invitations as soon as you can.  Perhaps the only exception to this is of course if there are any details still to finalise, such as the venue for example.

When should I send my save the date cards?

There really is no set time before your wedding to send out save the date cards.  As a general rule we’d suggest that you work to a minimum of around 6 months, but many couples will post them up to 12 months prior to their wedding date.  Other things to consider include whether you are hosting your wedding during the summer months, when people are likely to be planning holidays or indeed attending other weddings. Also, if you are planning to hold your celebrations overseas then it’s a good idea to issue your save the date cards as early as you can.

What should I write on my save the date cards?

You don’t really need to include too much information on your save the date cards and exactly how you word it will be determined by how formal your event is going to be.  The example below is suitable for both formal and informal weddings, but can be tweaked slightly to suit your tastes:

Please Save The Date

For the marriage of Sarah Kay to Jamie Fletch

On 24/0/2014

Wentbridge House Hotel, Pontefract

Invitation to Follow

Whilst the example above includes basic venue details, this is not always a requirement. It is however sensible to include information on the venue if you are hosting the event far away from where you live; otherwise your guests may well assume that it is nearby.

Hopefully this post has gone some way towards answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Save the Date Cards, but there really are no set rules. Simply apply a little common sense and do what feels right for your wedding. After all, no one knows your guests better than you.

If you have any hints or tips relating to save the date cards that you think others may find useful, please do feel free to share them by leaving a comment below.