Alternative Ideas to Throwing Confetti

Confetti Shower

One shot on every bride’s photography wish-list is the classic ‘confetti shower’. It’s engrained onto our wedding consciousness and often one of the choice photographs from the day.

Strange as it sounds, a lot of venues prohibit confetti from being thrown at weddings, because of the mess it creates over the grounds and it’s not always biodegradable. Don’t get too disheartened though, just because you can’t throw confetti, it doesn’t mean there aren’t some equally effective alternatives.



A firm favourite with a lot of couples (and children) is bubbles. They look great in photographs and they’re a lot of fun.

The great thing with bubbles is that, unlike confetti, they don’t have to stop outside the venue. Couples love putting bubbles on the tables, so guests can continue to create a special effect before and after dining.


We’ve even heard of wedding cars that blow bubbles, but we’re not entirely sure how! Even if you don’t use bubbles for the photos, there’s no reason why you still can’t have them on the tables.

Natural Rose Petals

If you’re desperate to create an effect similar to confetti then you might want to propose throwing natural rose petals, (like those supplied by Shropshire Petals). The big plus factor here is that they’re biodegradable. This means that if they don’t blow away, they’ll perish into the ground.

Should you meet resistance from the venue towards rose petals, you could always send them a sample. This way, they can try before they buy and see they really won’t be left with a messy church yard or gardens.


Shropshire Petals - specialists in natural petal confetti



Foodstuffs have been known as an alternative to confetti and, in some places, it’s actually the norm. A long-standing American tradition is throwing rice. (You can pretty much rule this one out if the venue doesn’t want mess.) The tradition allegedly dates back to when the grain would symbolise wishing the couple a prosperous harvest.

Raining Rice

Dates and figs have also been known to have been thrown, which we suppose is a way of wishing them a fruitful relationship!

So there you have our top alternatives to throwing confetti at your wedding. If you’ve an idea that we haven’t mentioned here please let us know in the comments below.

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