Now the Year is Over, What Were Our Top 10 Stationery Trends for 2012?

2012 proved to be yet another fantastic year for weddings, providing some beautiful weather (albeit briefly) and, although it may have lacked a touch of Royal glamour unlike 2011, is certainly had the beauty and the personal touch still highly sought after this year.

So now that 2012 has dawn to a close, we take a look back to see which trends were catching the eyes of brides throughout the last 12 months:

1. The “Eat Drink and Be Married” Collection

This stunning traditional stationery set has become one of the most popular Paper Themes collections, with its choice of a gentle almond and black finish.

A combination of vintage fonts and a scrumptious finish means this collection fits beautifully with a vast range of themes to suit the style of the big day perfectly.

Its bold design means it is far from lacking personality, increasing its popularity for a great deal of brides and grooms alike.

2. Letterpress Printing

Using traditional printing processes, Paper Themes’ letter press designs have also seen an increase in demand, as couples seek a beautiful texture to combine with their stunning stationary design.

Produced on a Heidelberg printing press using heavy felted pulp board, letterpress printing enhances invitations and gives them a truly high quality feel. 2013 is set to see this technique continue to build in popularity, as well as new techniques such as laser cutting too!

3. The Colour Purple

Cadbury purple in particular has seen a massive rise in popularity with its elegant and luxurious tone.

Our range of purple wedding products have soared in recent months due to this trend, ranging from the increase in sales of both contemporary and classic designs.

With purple set to be a key colour for 2013 weddings, watch this space!

4. Ribbons and Bows

Although the addition of ribbons and bows has always proved to be essential, last year was definitely the year of beautifying accessories.

With such a wide range of ribbons available, we found couples were seeking the perfect accompaniment to their stationary and chosen theme in the form of carefully selected ribbons and bows, adding undeniable elegance to the event.

5. Vintage Styles

Taking a step back into previous eras is continuing to be a popular option when it comes to stationery for the big day.

We saw a massive rise in popularity of our vintage wedding invites, place cards and thank you notes, suggesting it was certainly a year to rekindle the vintage romance and add a touch of 20th century style to wedding proceedings.

6. DIY Kits

Last year saw a massive rise in popularity of our DIY wedding stationary kits. An ideal solution to suit varying styles and personalities, this range of stationary varies from invitation kits through to thank you kits.

Created due to feedback from couples who wished to customise their stationary with that vital touch of personality, these DIY sets definitely add a unique style to every wedding.

7. Traditional Styles

2012 also saw an increasing amount of couples opting for a more traditional theme rather than a modern one.

Nothing says romance like elegant bows and truly classic designs combined with a stunningly simple white wedding colour scheme.

Our range of traditional wedding stationary saw a big incline in sales over 2012 as “classical” was certainly a wedding theme that went from strength to strength.

8. Contemporary Styles

Although traditional styles continue to rise in popularity, contemporary themes aren’t too far behind.

Paper Themes’ wide range of contemporary stationery makes it quick and easy to find the perfect collection to coordinate perfectly with the majority of wedding themes, making the contemporary style a continuous riser.

9. “Candy” Colours and Designs

Last year also saw a wide range of couples reflect that sweet taste of love in their wedding stationery by incorporating the bright colourful candy designs into their wedding day.

Adding a touch of vintage charm, our range of candy designs adds a hint of cute tradition to every step of the way, from invitations through to thank you cards.

10. The Colour Blue

Although brides may be looking for something blue, something borrowed and something new, they are certainly carrying the blue theme through to their wedding stationary too.

2012 saw a massive increase in the sales of blue wedding invitations, place cards and thank you notes to add a touch of baby blue charm to their wedding day.

With this year set to see an increasing amount of couples aiming for perfection for their wedding day, Paper Themes are on hand to help you to provide the perfect wedding day with sublime stationary and high quality wedding favours at affordable prices.