7 Wedding Questions…with the Shropshire Petals Team

Hi everyone! We’re back again with the next instalment in our series of 7 Wedding Questions. We’ve another great interview this time and it gives me great pleasure to introduce Shropshire Petals, who specialise in beautiful natural petal confetti.

Without further ado then, I’ll let them take it away…

1. Hello the Shropshire Petals team! First of all can you tell us who you are, where you’re from and what you do?

Hi all!  We are Shropshire Petals, we grow and produce natural petal confetti for weddings and events on our farm in Shropshire.  We also use the wheat grown on our farm to produce beautiful wheat sheaves for weddings and decorating the home.

The Shropshire Petals team comprises of Jess – who sorts out all of the lovely orders, Dawn – in charge of the harvest when quality control and student supervision is key, Margaret – finance and accounts, Katie – the creative one writing the blog, the e-News and keeping up with Facebook, Emma – the chatty PR Guru who gets SP on the map, Jim- the Flowers Manager and his parents; Michael and Rose – the original founders.

2. How did you end up working with the wedding industry, what’s your background?

Originally Shropshire Petals was an arable farm with Daisy, Michael’s mum growing flowers for drying and selling them at the local WI markets as a small sideline.  It wasn’t until we were asked if we could dye some of our dried flowers to be used for confetti, that we realised that the delphinium’s we already grew didn’t need dying as they had the perfect natural colours to use as confetti at weddings and in 2005 Shropshire Petals was born!

Churches and venues prefer natural petal confetti to the paper or synthetic types and since we founded the call for natural petals has increasing tenfold.

3. What’s an average ‘day in the life’ like at Shropshire Petals?

Every day is different here at SP, that’s what makes the job so enjoyable.  The summer time is all hands on deck as it is peak wedding season so there’s lots of orders going out and it’s also harvest when the flowers are ready for picking, drying and packing ready for all the orders in the year ahead.

The winter time allows us a bit of catch up, but there’s no rest for the wicked- this is the time we get to put our thinking caps on looking at trends and coming up with new products and exciting ideas for the new season.

4. Tell us a bit more about your efforts you put in to being environmentally friendly. It’s something we work hard at too and an important issue in the wedding industry.

We are also very environmentally conscious and are proud to say that all of our petals and wheat sheaves are 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly.  Everything is hand-picked in the field and hand-packed into store. We do not add any dyes to our petals as our natural drying process ensures petals keep their colour beautifully when dried.

5. What styles and trends are currently popular with brides?

From looking at our customers orders, speaking to brides-to-be and exhibiting at wedding shows we have noticed that there are definitive colour trends this year which will also run into next year.

-The main colour brides are using as their wedding theme is purple, all shades but in particular Cadbury purple.

– Nudes and neutral colours are also popular.

– Bold, bright colours have been big this year and will be again next summer, with the uncertainty of the British weather; brides like to add a splash of sunshine to brighten up their wedding day.

– We have also seen a lot of brides choosing green wedding themes, green and white has been a popular colour choice with our brides.

– Pinks are always a popular wedding trend, from pastel and dusky pinks to bright bold cerise pinks.

6. What tips do you have for brides and grooms who are thinking they might like dried flowers, petals and natural confetti at their wedding?

When choosing natural petal confetti for weddings, we recommend that customers use delphinium and wildflower petals for throwing and rose and hydrangea petals for decorating tables.

The reason for this is that rose petals are heavier than delphinium or wildflowers and thus to create the perfect confetti moment we would advise using smaller, lighter petals.  Here are some top tips for what you can do with confetti:

– Choosing confetti to match or contrast your wedding theme, for your guests to shower you with will ensure you get the wow factor photos.

– Use confetti to create your own unique table centrepieces; surround a large candle with your chosen petals for a romantic atmosphere.

– Add a few rose petals to your champagne glasses for an extra special touch when toasting your marriage.

– Add a splash of colour to your buffet tables by scattering delphinium petals on white table clothes.

– Get the most out of our confetti by placing rose petals on top of cupcakes (as decoration) and give them to your guests as favours.

– Create a heart from pink or red petals and place around your wedding cake for a beautiful decorative effect.

Remember confetti is not just for your wedding day; place petals in a hot bath to share with your loved one on your anniversary or sprinkle on the bed to add some romance to remember your special day.

7. Last but not least, is there are favourite wedding you have worked on? What’s your speciality?

All of our customers are special.  Our favourites are the newly married couples who send us pictures of their wedding and in particular ‘the’ confetti shot.

We have recently provided confetti for Marvin (from JLS) and Rochelle’s (The Saturdays) wedding – for their black and white theme they had Tuxedo and Daisy Daisy – simply gorgeous!

The end.

On that note then, we’d like to thank Shropshire Petals giving up their time to speak to us and share their wedding experiences. If you want to find out more about the Shropshire Petals team and their beautiful natural petal confetti, visit their website.

If you’re in the wedding industry or you’re a bride that would like to be interviewed, please get in touch with Liz today!

Creative Commons image of JLS by Beacon Radio on Flickr.