7 Wedding Questions…with Kate from Love on Top

Hello again, we’re pleased to introduce another edition of 7 Wedding Questions, so soon after our lovely interview with the team from Shropshire Petals.

This time it gives us great pleasure to introduce Kate Swinscoe, who crafts wedding cake toppers, which are an increasingly popular finishing touch on wedding cakes of brides and grooms.

Without further ado then, we’ll let Kate tell you a little about herself, Love on Top and her craft.

1. Hi Kate – first of all, can you tell us who you are, where you’re from and what you do?

I’m Kate, owner at Love on Top – I live in Leeds with my husband and slightly mental dog. I create personalised wooden cake toppers and gifts.

2. It’s a really interesting craft – how did you get started?

It was about a month before my wedding and I realised I didn’t have any cake toppers! It was a bit late to order any so I decided to have a go at making some myself. They’ve come a long way since then though!

3. How do you create each one? Does it take a long time?

I start with the basic wooden shape then use photographs provided by the client to personalise them as much as I can. They are all handpainted and every gem or pearl is stuck on by hand. The flowers are handmade using clay. They are quite time consuming as everything is in miniature so it’s important to have patience and a steady hand!

4. What’s your favourite wedding and topper you have created so far?

I think the wedding where the bride had a birdcage veil and the groom a kilt. I also loved one where the couple wanted their cat to wear a gold medal.

5. What’s the strangest topper you’ve been asked to make?

Not so much strange but unusual was a couple who had five pets (three dogs and two rabbits) and wanted each with a pink bow tie. That one was so much fun to make.

6. Are you married? And if so, did you make one for your own wedding?

I am and that’s where Love on Top began! I made some for my own wedding and got such as good response that I was persuaded to start a small business!

7. What does the future hold for Love on Top?

I have recently expanded into the Christmas decoration market and that has proved so popular that I’ve had to close my order book for Christmas 2012! Love on top nativity sets have proved very popular.

Next year I’m planning on developing a small Valentine and Easter range but mostly I hope to continue to be contacted by as many lovely couples as I have been this year. It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing you’re a very small part of the happiest day of someone’s life.

On that note then, we’d like to thank Kate for giving up her time to speak to us and share their wedding experiences. If you’re in the wedding industry or you’re a bride that would like to be interviewed, please get in touch with Liz today!