5 Must Have Table Decorations For 2013

Planning a wedding takes plenty of creativity and, as with all creative processes, the vogues involved are subject to change. At Paper Themes we have our finger on the pulse; monitoring the latest innovations to ensure that we have all the right choices for couples looking to host an on trend wedding. Here are 5 table decorations that look set to be hot in 2013.

Love Birds

Birdcage Dining Table Centrepiece

Centrepieces for the dining tables are one aspect that brides tend to give a lot of thought and which certainly play a big role in setting the ambience of the celebration. The use of bird cages is a relatively new concept, but one that looks set to grow in strength as we move into the new year.

They are certainly a striking and flexible option; with the cage itself providing aesthetic impact, which can be tailored to suit any theme through decoration. Flowers are of course a popular choice, as are fairy lights and candles.

You may even wish to opt for a couple of replica lovebirds to symbolise the bride and groom. If you are thinking of a lovebird theme, be sure to check out our lovebird wedding stationery range.

Chalk It Up

Where you are looking to create a traditional theme throughout your wedding day; a more vintage table decoration will be appropriate.
Chalkboard Table DecorationsOne such design choice is to opt for chalkboard place cards, to help your guests find their seat. They are a fantastic way of decorating your table a little differently, whilst also serving as a conversation starter for guests who may not know each other.

We also stock larger chalkboards, which can be positioned in the middle of your table display to show the table number. To complete the look in the dining area, we even have A1-A3 sized table plans that can be positioned at the entranceway to the room.

Paper Craft Wedding FavoursDoing Your Paper Work

Wedding favours have traditionally been presented to guests in the form of boxes, tulle, organza bags or more recently miniature pails. However, the latest craze has seen the emergence of a new type of container; paper craft wedding favours.

These stylish additions to your table dressing will certainly add some interest and can even be retained as a keepsake by your guests, to remind them of your special day. Paper craft wedding favours arrive flat and come complete with easy to follow instructions; allowing you to put some of your own time and love into preparing them for your guests.

Following The Pattern

Weddings tend to be, on the whole, quite plain affairs in that there is little in the way of patterns; with guests opting for simple smart dresses and suits. Likewise, table and venue decorations are inclined to be understated. Well, they used to be anyway!

Patterned Wedding InvitationWe are now seeing an increasing number of couples looking to include patterned designs as part of their table decoration, through table cloths, runners and napkins.

If you do like the idea of patterned table decorations then you can be sure to find a matching design from our huge selection of patterned wedding stationery. Whether the trend for patterned wedding items will continue into clothing remains to be seen.

Back To Nature

Our final table decoration suggestion is to employ a spot of greenery as part of your table dressing. There is of course a strong tradition for cut flowers, but some are now looking towards incorporating live plants.

Live Plant Table DecorationThe obvious choice is to go for a large ornamental plant, which can be positioned in the middle of the table as the centrepiece. Alternatively, or perhaps to compliment the centrepiece, you have the option of using smaller plants for each table position. At a recent wedding that one of our staff members attended, the couple even used air plants to hold their place cards!

As always, we’d be delighted to hear your thoughts on our suggestions and details of any innovative table decorations that you might have seen at weddings you’ve attended.


Birdcage image credit: Passion for Flowers, Plant image credit: quimpg

  • Zoe

    Great article for those that are struggling with ideas for their wedding. I had birdcages as table centres at my wedding in August and they were a great talking point for guests as it was something different and great gifts for those that we wanted to thank. I have one displayed in my house and is a great reminder of the day!