Inspiration For Your Winter Wedding Invitations

Winter weddings are increasing in popularity as couples seek their big day to be outside of the hustle and bustle of the summer wedding season. As well as better venue availability and generally lower prices, winter weddings also offer a unique touch of romance with their particular attention to detail. Majestic fireplaces and slow burning candles don’t offer the same cosy, romantic effect in summer as they do on a winter’s day, proving popular with Christmas weddings especially.

Finding invitations that compliment your chosen winter theme is no easy task. Being the first glimpse your guests will see, they have a big job to do. Of course, the obvious notification of the wedding itself as well as more specific details will be of the upmost importance on your invitation, but the design and style will also give your guests a hint of what to expect.

Setting the Mood – Colours and Tones

There are two main routes you can go down with the colour of your winter wedding invitations and they differ greatly. One option is to go with very neutral, gentle tones such as gleaming whites and creams. This portrays a very traditional theme, working especially well with the classic white wedding.
Another option for winter invitations is rich colours such as dark reds, blacks or purples. This will create a very luxurious and contemporary style, fitting perfectly with Christmas and New Year weddings, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Both options work beautifully with a various styles on winter weddings, from the traditional white through to the bolder contemporary, giving your guests a touch of the true elegance that is due to follow on your wedding day.

Shapes, Styles and Designs

Once you have a particular colour scheme in mind, it’s time to choose the exact style of invitation for your big day. You will no doubt notice the massive range available, making the selection process a little longer. Consider elegant accessories such as ribbons and bows to add some fabulous finishing touches as well.

The benefit of there being such a vast array of wedding invitations available is that you have such a wide choice of popular designs to choose from. Regardless of the style that you want your wedding to aspire to, there is the perfect stationary collection available co-ordinate with it flawlessly.

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