To DIY or not?

Even in this world of having too little time and too much to do we are looking into making our own wedding invitations, whether it is due to budget or an natural creative streak!

What our brides say…

Brides who want to make their own invitations are always contacting, telling us about their struggle to find a DIY kit that still gives that professional look that they are after. We have designed a range of kits plus have several more in the pipeline and would love to know your thoughts…

So why DIY?

DIY kits obviously give you the freedom to make the design individual, add extra embellishments or strip it right back to simplicity, the choice is yours; but do most of us have the time or the inclination to do it ourselves? 

Lace DIY Invitation Kit   Purple Buckle DIY Kit

How has your decision gone, are you feeling creative or would you rather have someone else take care of your invitations for you? i’d love to know your views…


Liz x