Letterpress…Worth it or worthless?

Having recently designed a range of letterpress wedding invitations for the Paper Themes website, we have launched just a few of the designs to see what you think… so what do you think? (I’d really love to know!)

One of the more pricey methods of print, but undoubtedly beautiful and sophisticated; letterpress allows for every inch of the luxurious cotton board to be all about you…

So is it worth it? Well, i’d say it’s all about the atmosphere you are hoping to achieve, we are in a modern age of vintage… sounds a strange notion, but looking around wedding shows (and sales trends) it’s clear to see if it’s not vintage typographics today’s brides desire, it’s country garden chic – and letterpress achieves that nostalgic and tactile feel to your invitations which is impossible to replicate through any other form of printing. I mean, it is the oldest method of printing after all! Don’t just take my word for it though, take a look at Letterpress
But what about for a contemporary event? Well, it depends on the design really; there are some modern letterpress designs out there; especially those with an injection of colour, and, you do have the added benefit with letterpress that the design can be completely bespoke (If your budget permits…) but then again if you want truly current stationery, (maybe with foil detailing?) there are a lot of other Contemporary designs out there which may be more fitting.

Damask Letterpress

So the prognosis…If you’re planning a beautiful vintage affair then the letterpress is definitely for you, simple yet stunning designs that your guests will want to have as a keepsake; but, if you are after avant-garde, then letterpress perhaps is not the stationery you’re after…

Let me know your thoughts on the letterpress designs,


Liz x