Tips On Planning A Last Minute Wedding

Most couples will have plenty of time to plan their wedding and can consider every little detail at their own leisure.  However, every year there are those that, having decided to get married, simply cannot wait to tie the knot!  Planning any wedding can be hectic and stressful time, but organising a last minute wedding will really push you to your limits.  Here are a few tips that should help you maximise the time that you do have available and alleviate some of the pressure that you are under.

Your guest list

The first step of the process should always be to draw up a guest list for those that you intend to invite to the day and evening celebrations. Remember that you are relying on each invited party to inform you as to whether they will be attending and that any stragglers may hold up other stages of your planning. With this in mind you may want to keep the wedding reception to family and your closest of friends; inviting everyone else to the evening party.

Searching for a venue

Having finalised your guest lists you now have an idea of what size venue will be required. The fact that you are planning at the last minute will mean that many wedding venues will already be booked up. A good idea here is to use the internet to do a search for venue options in the surrounding area in addition to asking friends and family for recommendations.  Now start working your way down the list, enquiring as to date availability. Make it a quick call and don’t get bogged down with other details at this point. Having some flexibility over your proposed wedding date will of course increase the chances of finding somewhere to host the event. Be sure to ring the venues rather than emailing or filling in an online contact form; avoiding wasted time waiting for a response.

Once you have crossed off the venues that are not available on your planned date/s you can now start doing some more in-depth research. Searching online for reviews is a good starting point and will give you an idea of the suitability for your needs. You should of course also give each venue a call to ask about any concerns or specialist requirements you may have, before making your final decision.

Sorting your wedding stationery

With a late wedding there is no point worrying about sending out save the date cards. Instead you should move right to your wedding invitations and start picking out a suitable design. Before you rush into ordering your invitations, take a little time to consider other stationery items and accessories that you might need. Ordering all the items together will of course save time and reduce hassle.

Browse the Paper Themes site for a more detailed idea of the items we can provide to complete your wedding day. If you are really short of time then you could even give our customer advisers a call, who will be able to advise how quickly our wedding invitation designs and other stationery items can be created. Our usual turnaround is 14 days, but some designs can be created quicker

Home comforts

With your invitations sent out and the rest of your wedding stationery sorted, you can now move into the other important items and services that you will need, such as flowers, wedding dress, suit hire and transport. The best advice we can offer here is to look for local suppliers. Reducing travelling distances will save you all important time, which can soon mount up if you have to pay second or third visits for dress or suits fittings.

Letting go of the reigns

The final suggestion that we can make is to trust your friends and family members to organise some parts of the wedding. Whilst this can be difficult for some couples it will certainly help to remove some of the stress and final decisions can still be run past you. Allowing others to help will mean that you are able to really concentrate on the areas that you are overseeing personally; reducing the likelihood of overlooking the finer details.

I hope that this post has been of some assistance to all those couples out there that are planning a last minute wedding.

Best of luck!