Wedding Stationery – A Time to Order

wedding stationerySo you said yes and have set a date? Congratulations!! Now the fun starts… letting people know your wonderful news and organising that all-important stationery!

I’d say it is important to have a planner sorted out, (paper not person), so you can plan a timeline (of sorts!) for when you need to order the different elements of stationery, that way, nothing will be left until the last minute causing you unnecessary panic!

It takes time, (as you probably now realise!) to put together the final details of your big day, but don’t fret, i highly recommend purchasing ‘Save The Date’ cards- worth every penny if it means avoiding your best man or favourite aunt booking their annual holiday while your supposed to be tying the knot!

And believe me it happens! Purchasing these about 8 months before your big day should do the trick, although if you are lucky enough to be marrying abroad it may be worth buying these up to a year in advance… your loved one’s will appreciate it too, as it will give them time to save up and buy flights etc!

Obviously the next thing on your stationery shopping list is going to be your wedding invitations (& reply cards), once you have finalised your venue, time etc you can get to work designing your wedding stationery, i suggest ordering your wedding stationery at least 4 months in advance – traditionally invitations are sent out 8 weeks before the big day…maybe there is a reason it’s a tradition?!

If you have attended a wedding before you’ll know that the invite, more than anything else sets the tone for the wedding, so it’s key to select something that symbolises you and your event; so order samples and make sure the invite is just right!

Why not check out some of our fantastic bespoke wedding stationery whilst your here? Let me know what you think, there are plenty of traditional and contemporary designs to get your creative juices flowing!

Have you been making notes so far? Very good, very good, but there is more…

…It may seem like a daunting task but once you have chosen your invitation it’s a good idea to choose your other stationery to match, which makes life a little easier, don’t you think?! You should allow for 2 – 6 weeks for replies, put a deadline on the reply so you can tell your venue and order your other stationery, there is nothing wrong with being a little bossy having a deadline, it’s your day after all!!

Other stationery pieces include; order of services, place cards, table plans and thank you cards. For all these pieces i recommend you order about 4-6 weeks in advance, giving you time for final touches such as writing your place cards.

So… not a lot to be getting on with is there? but stationery can be fun, playing with styles colours and typographics until your stationery oozes with your personalities and sets you up for the perfect day!


Liz x